Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Gridrite’s FAQ page.

What is a Cattle Grid (Stock Grid)? A cattle Grid is to prevent livestock using roads as a means of crossing at a fence line or physical property boundary. Our grids are built to allow any vehicles traversing in and out of property boundary’s without having to open and close gates. Cattle grids are built of steel & concrete & designed to daily vehicle usage and types.

What is an Abutment? The abutment is the concrete section that the steel grid bolts down to. The abutments come in pairs on our open ended grid range and our enclosed base range is only 1 as it states. Grids exceeding 6m will incorporate multiple pairs of abutments RG 8m grid = 2 pair of abutments.

What are Wings? Click here to be taken to the optional extra’s page for details.
What are Headwalls? Click here to be taken to the optional extra’s page for details.

What is minimum load weight on Gridrite Grids? – 8 tons per single axle is the minimum weight which is the Maximum axle weight on all Government roads without a permit.   Trucks can carry a max load of 42 tons and to calculate the axle load you simply divide by the number of axles. 42/6 = 7 Ton per axle the more axles the lighter the axle load.

What grid do I use on a shire / council road? We recommend grids from the Government Grids as these have been engineered to Australian standards and meet Main Roads requirements for fabrication.

What is the difference between Rural Grids & Government Grids? The biggest difference between this grid range is Engineering, Standards from government have to be highly adhered to based on your state and local government requirements.

What is the SPAN? The span of grids is the depth or crossing distance of the steel only.

How do I lift the grids around? Gridrite grids come in multiple sections and all our Government range are fitted with REID Swift Lift Luggs to make moving your concrete sections safer. You can use a forklift or crane (recommended).