TN18 TMR Motor Grid


TN18 TMR Motor Grid meets Queensland Transport & Main Road department or (TMR) latest standards.
Built to suit the road NOT road to suit the grid

This grid can be specifically designed and constructed to suit TMR project specific requirements. Including Cross falls from 0% to 3 % (Max)
Overall fall 1% (min) – Elevations are Variable

Gridrite is listed as an Approved Motor Grid Supplier as per Qld TMR
Proprietary Design index for bridges and other structures (PDF, 251 KB)
Built to TMR Standard Drawings – SD1561 – SD1565



Features Include:

All steel fully hot dip  galvanised & fabricated to – MRTS78 standards and made by Qld Government TMR approved fabricators.
All precast concrete is 40MPA and to MRTS70, MRTS71 & MRTS72 standards and made by a Qld Government TMR approved precast concreter.
Designed to the traffic loads as specified in AS 5100.2.
Design allows worst effects of W80 wheel load, A160 axle load, S1600 stationary traffic load, M1600 moving traffic load and HLP400.
Cross fall from 0% to 3 % (Max) as stated by TMR
Overall fall 1% (min) as stated by TMR
2.7m Span
Sizes available include 4m to 16m