NEW! Council Grid Light

This grid offers a 4m to 12m grid widths and has been designed to be used on gazetted roads. This grid offers engineered abutments and the ability to upgrade the steel in the future for increased traffic or if council takes ownership or maintenance responsibility. 14Ton Per Axle Rating

Features include:

14 Ton per Axle
All Steel Hot Dipped Galvanised
Engineered Abutments
Higher Clearance Under Steel Grid
Upgradable steel to AS5100.2 at a later date.
100% Australian Made Product

Optional Extra’s include:

Upgrade steel to AS5100.2 (Council Grid or CG)

Model & Specifications:

CGL 4000 – 4.0m (Wide) 2.36m (Depth) 530mm (Height) 2.42T (Weight)
CGL 5000 – 4.0m (Wide) 2.36m (Depth) 530mm (Height) 3.03T (Weight)
CGL 6000 – 6.0m (Wide) 2.36m (Depth) 530mm (Height) 3.628T (Weight)
8m – (2 x CG4000)
10m – (2 x CG5000)
12m – (2 x CG6000)