Queenslander Grid

The Queenslander has a greater crossing depth it is built on Council Grid (CG) abutments which are Engineered to As5100.2
This grid is suitable for smarter livestock on gazetted roads or just driveways.Queenslander

Features include:

All Steel Hot Dipped Galvanised
Greater crossing depth

Optional Extra’s:


Queenslander End View:

Queenslander End View

CGL Steel on top of the Queenslander grid.


The Queenslander grid is on (CG) Engineered abutments
QLDSG4000 – 4.0m (Wide) x 2.66m (Depth) x 523mm (Height) 2.33T (Weight)
QLDSG5800 – 5.8m (Wide) x 2.66m (Depth) x 523mm (Height) 3.01 T (Weight)