Portable Shaker Grid

The design of the Shaker Grid is unique in it’s transverse action on the vehicles suspension system and helps the sprays to shake and remove loose contaminants. It is light weight and easily setup, 3.25m x 2.2m, Great for construction sites, civil road work or any other projects on the move


PSG3250S – Single Phase Portable Shaker Grid
PSG3250T – Three Phase Portable Shaker Grid

Features Include:


All steel construction
Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised
Modular System for tranport
Simply installation
Fully Portable & light weight
Delivery / Suction and Overflow connections for direct connection to pump.
15Amp power (Single Phase) water pump
Three Phase water pump 3kw 360L/min (Optional Upgrade)
Adjustable steel spray 
24 volt Automatic start and shut off function
Automatic Sensor mounting brackets
Corrugated Side shields.
Float valve for water top up
Safety Float switch
Stainless steel strainer to protect pump from solids
Fluid Recycling

Dimensions & Specifications:

PSG3250 S
1 Base Unit
Width: 3.25m
Depth:  2.2m (Crossing Distance)
Height: 380mm
Reservoir: Capacity 1600/L
8 Spray nozzles

PSG3250T (Optional Upgrade)
2 Base Units
Width: 3.25m
Depth:  4.4m (Crossing Distance)
Height: 380mm
Reservoir Capacity: 3200/L
Three Phase water Pump  360L/min
Three Phase Electrical Unit and sensors
20 spray nozzles



The reservoir is the steel inclosed base which holds approximately – 1600 Lt.
Sloped base for easy cleaning.
Bolted hatch door in side for easy removal of contaminants.
The reservoir can be used to add further chemicals such as:
Degreasers to break down oils
Pesticides to control weeds
Note: All chemicals or additives used require to be pump friendly and non foaming. 


Single Phase
AC 2.4kw 240 V
50NB Inlet and Outlet
250 Litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure

Three Phase (Optional Upgrade)
40NB Inlet and Outlet
360 litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure

Electrical System:

Main Isolator
Control C/Breaker
415V-24VAC Control Transformer Selector On / Off
Pump Duration Timer
Pump Contactor and Thermal Overload
24 Volt Vac Light Beam unit and Reflectors
Terminals for Low Level Float Switch Connection
Low Level Safety Float Switch
Controls and wiring to suit
Poly Enclosure 

Side Shields:

The wings are constructed from Corrugated Colourbond sheeting and supplied as self assembly kit.
Wings are 2.2m high to ensure minimal water loss.

Installation Notes:

The portable shaker grid is a fully portable grid that can be moved if required.
An installation guide will asist in the assembly and disassembly.
Requirements onsite are as follows

  • Placement – Flat compacted road base or concrete slab
  • Access to 15 AMP Single Phase power or Generator
  • Access to  Three Phase power or Generator (Only required if PSG3250T upgrade has been selected)
  • Clean Water supply for automatic top up.